Thursday, February 25, 2010

For Time!

"The Anaconda can swim about as fast as I can run, Is stronger than I am and can hold its breath for up to 20 minutes.... I can barely hold mine for 60 seconds". My reaction to hearing this was WELL THAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING CHASING ONE? The Australian guy on the Discovery Channel goes on to say "My only chance of getting a picture of this snake is to wrestle it and hope my conditioning is better than his... Anaconda's have horrible stamina". To which I was thinking, you went all the way down to the Rain Forrest in South America with "hope" of outlasting an Anaconda's stamina for a picture? Why didn't you just get on google, click the images button and find a picture... Like I did?!

Which brings me on to my next thought. Everyone who is competing in sectionals is trying to guess what the WOD's are going to be. Even further than that, everyone who competed in the CrossFit Games last year or was a spectator is trying to guess what the WOD's will be at the Games this year. What if this year the WOD was wrestling an Anaconda for time? I mean wrestling a 200lb+ snake demonstrates strength ( plus it would make sense because there is talk of there being some sort of pool in the WOD's this year) And it would definitely test people's metabolic conditioning. I mean the guy on the Discovery Channel looked pretty drained after he won his wrestling match with Gigantor. Just some thoughts that passed through my brain.

these wires are spaced 10 inches apart

Oh, and you will be happy to know that my input was not asked for, on any of the sectional's WOD's.

JT Fact: Jeremy Thiel Can eat just one Lay's Potato chip.


  1. What would have been your input on a sectional wod? How many hot dogs can you eat for time? ha ha

  2. Lory ESPN does that already! I was thinking something like they did on the movie Snatch. An open field, chasing Jack Rabbits. 15 min AMJRAP! (As Many Jack Rabbits As Possible)

  3. "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun. you can do side bends or sit-ups, but please don't lose that butt"

  4. "some brothas wanna play that hard role and tell you that the butt can go, so they toss it and leave it and I pull up quick to retrieve it"

    First tape I owned.