Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm a Fan

Let me start out by saying that I'm a Boston Red Sox Fan. However, I got called out this morning for wearing an LA Dodgers cap. I was told "if you were a real Red Sox fan, you wouldn't be wearing that cap". Say what?

I'm a Red Sox fan and what I'm about to say could upset some peeps. I like Derek Jeter. He's good. He's clutch. If the games on the line and I'm the coach I want him at the plate. I Like the Lakers, I'm a Bulls fan since Jordan but I like the Lakers and if the games on the line I want Kobe taking the shot. Why? Because these guys have produced over and over again. It's that simple. I love sports. So maybe I don't have favorite teams... There are teams that I like and indivdual players that I like. I do think that some people can be a bit over board when it comes to sports and their favorite teams. Who knows though, maybe those guys know something I don't. Maybe a fan means to be like this guy (below).

JT Fact: Jeremy Thiel can speak braille.


  1. I hear ya! My favorite team is the Yankees and second Red Sox. I LOVE the Dodgers only because of Joe Torre. People can suck a big one!