Monday, November 1, 2010

Most Interesting Man

So.... long gone are the days when my flip cam was set up and video's were being recorded for the 3dub to get a peek into my life, and what CrossFit Central was up to. For those of you that are asking yourself the "3 what?" The 3dub stands for the World Wide Web.

Anywho, back to the blog purpose. The flip cam was returned back to the CC Batcave and I'm left with "old school" blogging. Which means that I now have to captivate you guys with my quick whit, awesome pic finding skills and JT facts alone. You no longer get to see what shirt is being displayed for the day. If you know me, I'm pretty much a t-shirt junkie and believe it or not that's one of the highlights of my day. So today I have for you a little inspiration from one of my favorite modern day characters. I'd like to introduce to you the... (drum roll please)

"the most interesting man in the world"

Why "The most interesting man in the world" you ask. Because for some reason Lance Cantu decided that we should all grow out our beards for the month of November and this guy is my inspiration.

Now that I've given you something to giggle about for Monday. I'd like to say big congrats to all the peeps that showed up or participated in the Butcher Challenge this past Saturday. I'll will tell you guys to stay tuned to the Central website for pics and video of the challenge. Hope you guys have a great Monday. Stay tuned...

When you say "nobody is perfect", Jeremy Thiel takes this as a personal insult.

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