Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Normally when I check out youtube and see the videos that it tells you people are watching, or the videos that have been viewed the most, I just ignore them and search whatever it is that I'm looking for. It's been awhile since I've seen any of her videos but I came across this one earlier. One of my favs. * I edited this post early Thursday morning. Only because I forgot how BA I thought she did covering this song. If you got to see the previous song "The Goldfish Song" sweet deal, if not youtube that one. It's one of her originals.

Right around the time that Michael Jackson passed away (R.I.P) there was a cover song by this girl Kina Grannis on the front page of youtube. She covered "Remember the Time". I remember thinking there's no way you can cover that song and not butcher it. To my surprise... she did an amazing job! I was instantly trying to find other songs by this girl. Now maybe I was being biased because along with what I thought was a pretty BA voice, I also thought she was a cutie. Now I'm sure if you check out any of her other videos or even after listening to this song you might think differently. You're entitled to that... and that's your opinion. I don't claim to be a music expert and I definitely have my share of bad but hilarious music in my itunes. obviously from the New Kids on the Block post I made last week.

The way I see it, music is my outlet. Doesn't matter if its motivational workout music, hip-hop makes me wanna dance music or I just wanna be a goof music. Either way you look at it, I'm a fan of music.

JT Fact: The following is a short list of things Jeremy Thiel cannot do: .

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