Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good or Great?

Today's post has been long overdue for me. Not only because I haven't posted in a few days but also because after a few conversations that I've had, and a few blogs that I've read have made me ask myself a question. “Do you wanna be good, or do you wanna be great?”

Now, as much as I would like to take credit for coming up with this question all by myself I can't. Just wouldn't be fair. I have my girlfriend to thank for going all "Inception" on me and planting this in my head. She stumbled upon the blog of Barron Batch and had me read one of his posts and it was pretty much "down/up hill for me" from then on out. The "down/up hill" quote is a reference to the movie Due Date, which by the way I though was pretty hilarious.

As for the blog I read, Barron wrote that his coach always asks him “Do you wanna be good, or do you wanna be great?” This question can be a pretty easy question to answer if you just answer right off the top of your head... Great Please. You're not ordering a #3 at McDonalds people, put some thought into it. Realize that with great comes a price to pay. With asking for greatness know that its not going to just be handed out. It's something that has to be WORKED for. I think a lot of people forget about this part. I know I DO! I have always been the "Uncle Rico" kind of guy. "Man if coach would have put me in we would have won state". YEAH RIGHT! That's why coach didn't put you in because you showed no determination, no commitment, no HEART! It requires you to work for it. I know I've heard this saying at least a thousand times. "if it was easy, everyone would do it".

Now I'm mainly venting at myself here but also at everyone who thinks that a sub 3 minute Fran time just comes easy to those people who have a sub 3 minute Fran time. We don't normally get to see all of the commitment and work that goes into this type of effort. The dialed in diet, the countless times attempting the workout fran, the ripped hands or the other workouts that also beat people down in their efforts to break a sub 3min. But when the sub 3min time is hit, guess what... one goal checked off of the list. That's part of what it takes to be great. The commitment and the never back down or quit mentality.

So my pledge to myself. no excuses, work hard and no matter what the voice in my head says don't quit. Anyone can be good.. good is effortless. Good is relying on athletic ability to get you through the workouts. To be great requires effort! To be great requires dedication, determination and not accepting the excuses that you make up in your head. Being great not only gets you through the workouts, but gets you the fastest times or the most rounds or has people say "they finished in what time....how?" You know, the conversation that takes place after a workout that has just beat you down and you feel like you gave it your all but realized that someone else finished the workout in half your time. Or got double your rounds. Yeah, to me that's great. That's one of my goals.

Jacob and Edward both wear Team Jeremy Thiel t-shirts.


  1. Great post, Ben! Thanks for the inspiration to be great, and not settle for "good enough".

    Fave quote from Napoleon: "Dang! You got shocks, pegs...LUCKY! You ever take it off any sweet jumps?"

  2. Thanks Jess. sometimes i just gotta keep myself in check. =)