Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday

Let me start this blog off by saying Happy 235th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps.

"The Marines I have seen around the world have the
cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest
morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the
United States Marine Corps!" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

And now for my next Birthday wish...

I met Heath Sophomore year in High School, after a football practice. I was on one side of the locker room which was divided by a set of lockers and Heath was on the other end. I had a song stuck in my head from the "Set It Off" soundtrack. Now I won't reveal which song it was, but I will say, its a song for Grown Folk!

I was singing the song in my head and humming the tune out loud but for the life of me I could not remember the second verse of the song. It was starting to drive me crazy, so I started asking the guys next to me if they knew the second verse to this song. No one even knew what song I was talking about. The days of going home and looking up lyrics on google or wasn't even a thought in my mind.. so I was getting pretty desperate. I couldn't wait to get home to ask my sister if she could remember the second verse. If I don't know a movie quote, an actor or what movie they played in she's usually my life line.

Just when I was giving up hope on finding out the second verse, out from behind the lockers a tall, skinny, white kid (always had to be racial) peeks his head around and starts to sing the lyrics to the song. Now I can't tell you what shocked me more, that I finally started to remember the lyrics or that this guy who would later go on to be my best friend was the one who knew the lyrics. Nothing about Heath said to me I listen to "Rap" or "R&B." To my surprise not only did he listen to the same kind of music as me, but he could also rap the lyrics to just about every Bone Thugs n' Harmony song there was, and actually KNEW the lyrics. Now that, was pretty amazing in itself.

Now, I could write an entire book about how close we became, about how he became more than just my best friend and more of my brother, about how I see his Parents, his sister and mamo like my parents, my sister and my mamo. How, he was the only person that seemed to have the words so that life made sense again. But I won't. Because today is not about me. Today is about Heath and his story. Today is the day I will tell stories of the things we did, the conversations we had and the things we went through. Today is the day I will always talk about, the man that Heath was and of the Man I'm becoming because of Heath. Until our next conversation stew... one love.


  1. fucking tura........

    great post. Heath, miss you buddy. we’ll talk soon enough

  2. Wow bro...simply amazing! Love all my brothers so much. We will meet again, but not yet. Not you Heath