Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Be Water!

Inspiration comes from all sorts of different sources; quotes, movies, books, people or from your own thoughts. I often wonder what is it that motivates people. What is it that makes people want to get up and run at 5:30 in the morning or come to a crossfit workout that early in the morning. Why do people put themsleves through these grueling workouts? So then i started to think a little bit about this and had to ask myself this very question. What is it that movitivates me?

Before just about every workout i get this crazy butterfly in my stomach feeling. The kind of feeling you get when you're 16 and going on your first date. For guys its picking the girls up at her parents house and having to meet her dad. For girls... well i'm not really too sure what it is for girls. I'll have to get back to you on that one. Either way, before the workout i get nervous and anxious at the same time. For a split second the workout flashes in my mind and I ask myself what am I doing? And then 3,2,1 GOOO! No more time to think just go!

At the end of a workout lying on the floor, lightheaded, out of breath and with my body screaming at me "what the heck did you do that for" that's when it all makes sense to me. I don't workout for the pleasure of working out. Who would put themselves through this and consider it pleasure? I definately don't do these workouts because i want to stare at myself in the mirror either. No, I do these workouts simply because I can. Because when people see these workouts we do and what we put ourselves through they think we're nuts! Because not very long after a workout i think to myself "i could have gotten one more round in, or one more set in."

My motivation is simply being the best I can be at everything I do! I don't have to prove anything to anyone except myself. I know if I've pushed myself to the limits or not. So many thoughts go through people's heads when they're at globo gyms. Maybe even at crossfit gyms. "Am I doing this right?" "Are people staring at me?" "Do i belong here?" "I don't think i can finish this workout!" Don't think just go! "Be Water!"

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