Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who are you Fighting for?

I've seen this video a couple of times and every time I see it, it gives me chills. Winter Vinecki a 9 year old from Michigan decided that she was going to complete a triathlon to raise money for her dad's fight against prostate cancer.

Winter Vinecki did what she could to fight for her dad. Crossfit Central and the rest of Austin Crossfit Affiliates are teaming up to do our part to fight prostate cancer. On September 26th the Workout Fight Gone Bad will be showcased and the money raised will go towards the fight of Prostate Cancer and the Wounded Warrior Project. We all have a part to play in this fight...Who are you fighting for?

1 comment:

  1. What an inspiration! At the other end of the spectrum (not the effort or impact of completing a triathlon, but something everyone can do every day) please support the Wounded Warrior Project just by using their Yahoo search page
    Just takes a second and Wounded Warrior earns money when you use it. THANKS!